Our Fundraisers

#1 You can join Isaiah's FIGHT on facebook and donate with a debit/credit card. CLICK HERE TO GO TO ISAIAH'S CAUSE on facebook.

#2 You can mail a check to their church-write ISAIAH somewhere on envelope or in the memo of your check:

Lifestream Christian Church 204 East Main Street Gardner, KS 66030 Phone: 913-856-8088

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gamers for a Cause!

Thanks to Brandon over at GMM Studios, we have another opportunity for helping the cause.

If you're a 40k fan and you're interested in bidding for a truly professionally painted army, this is an awesome deal. I had the models, Brandon had the time and skill, and Isaiah has the cause :)

Click on the picture to be linked to the Ebay. I can't thank Brandon enough for the help and work he put in.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Numbers are still high, but ...

Biopsy was negative. So now what? He seems to be functioning OK. He's not feeling sick or run down any more than usual and we haven't changed any routines. But his Liver numbers are still 10x's what they're supposed to be, but the biopsy is negative? Really confused, and not a lot of options. We'll continue trudging along and hope for the best as things just keep getting cooky around this place... Or I should say par for the course.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movie choices...

So, we have a few hours to kill after 7am labs today and before the biopsy.  So I ask Ike if he wants to go see Shrek or Prince of Persia. He informs me he would like to go see the new Selena Gomez movie instead because is looks funny .... Wow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to Omaha - part III

So, liver numbers have consistently run high over the last 10 days and we're on our way back to Omaha. There is a biopsy scheduled for tomorrow and we'll have to wait around a few days to see what they think is going on. Good thing is we're going up in the middle of the week, so we may get back by the weekend!

Bad news is he's got summer school scheduled for next week... Hope we're back.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick Update - Doing well

Hello, all! Just a quick update to let everyone know we're getting along well. We just moved and school just got out for one very hectic week! We got to complete our monthly infusion here in KC this time as well, so we didn't have to run to Omaha just for an infusion. He's looking good, and finally gets to go swimming! He's very excited.