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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Tooth Fairy comes to the hospital...

Isaiah, at age 7 yrs. old, has FINALLY lost his first tooth. I guess not using them quite enough for eating activities probably has something to do with that. He has been waiting anxiously to lose his very first tooth. All of his friends have lost more than one tooth now. It bugged him perversely that he could not compare the merits of having a tooth fairy visit with his friends. He couldn't even guess how much cash T.F. would bring for a tooth like his; good condition, no cavity, hardly used even.

As you can see, that brightened his outlook tremendously!! It's the little things in life, right?? So he is on cloud nine, probably thinking about how he will trump his friends T. F. offerings-after all, she came to the hospital for his tooth, right? She must have really needed a gently used tooth.

The pain is about the same in that the meds are actually helping. Still having breakthrough pain, but more manageable. Praise God, my boy is coming home on Thursday!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sorry for not posting in so long. We have had a tense few days and I just decided that without pictures, you probably wouldn't want to read tortuous details about Isaiah's pain over and over.

Aaron says today that things are BETTER!!! (Not like jump and shout, but better) You can see in his picture that he is loaded up on narcotics, but still able to smile for Aaron.

Today, Isaiah will talk and smile between groans(not screaming like a banshee). He is interacting with Aaron and even gingerly wrestled with him. I'm not going to ask how with all the tubes and I don't want to picture it.

The pancreatic enzymes are starting to drop slightly and the fevers are gone. He is still receiving the same pain medications, but they actually seem to help now. I am hoping that over time, we can wean him off some of the medications before the transplant. Maybe even all of them.

Yesterday, Aaron asked Isaiah what he wanted most in the whole world and guess what??!! I know this is going to be shocking, but he said "a puppy". I see a puppy in our future folks, but not just yet. I don't see anything wrong with talking about a future puppy, though. I think we could get a lot of mileage out of imaging how a puppy would act, what it would eat, the silly things it would do, etc.

****Caution, next paragraphs may make you think I'm a crazy person***

If you have read my earlier posts, you know that I truly believed God spoke to me in a very quiet and still voice in the beginning of all of this, after the explant. Not with words, exactly, images of Isaiah receiving a second transplant and moving on from that with success for a good life. I still believe that and have had time to examine my thoughts over the last few days. I started remembering that the mind is a powerful thing and that maybe, just maybe, I WANTED to believe that and suggested it to myself. But every time I started thinking that--I remembered my state of mind at the time and the speed at which comfort and peace overtook my mind. I may question myself at times, but I will not question God-and I KNOW that is where my inside info. came from. That sealed it for me when things looked so grim lately.

Since we've had Isaiah, I've had that communication (if you will) that it wasn't Isaiah's time to die yet and that he would live longer, but I have not really felt that Isaiah would (necessarily) live until adulthood. I never felt God promising that he would live a long time, just that he would still be alive for awhile longer, be it days, months or years. So this time, it's very different and I'm thankful and relieved that God gave me a little more future info.

I have only shared all of that with a small group of people before. The reason that I am sharing something so deeply personal today is that I wanted to make it very clear---Isaiah's survival is ONLY through the glory of God. He should be dead, many times over. I want the realization of that fact to be completely obvious to everyone who reads this. If you do not know God, I urge you to consider getting to know Him with an open heart.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So hard to write this today...

Aaron and I had a heart to heart about our boy today. Aaron said that Isaiah no longer watches TV. He no longer wants to play games, he will only watch. He tried to refuse to go see his hospital teacher today and he LOVES her-Aaron made him go anyway. He doesn't want to walk and he wants to sleep all the time when he is not screaming in pain. His door is closed all the time in the hospital because you can hear him everywhere on the pediatric unit.

His pain is not controlled with every attempt to manage it. AND the plan is for discharge to home next week. His pancreatic enzymes are going crazy, I saw a copy of his labs today. Isaiah is going to need some VERY intensive care when we get him home. I can't even imagine what it will be like. Is he going to scream all day and all night too? I don't even know what to do for him. I'd chew my own leg off if it would help him. I just pray for God to shield him somehow or comfort him. Isaiah needs some heavy duty motivators so he will want to live-Aaron and I are going to have to think of something quick...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Painful times...

Isaiah's pain is getting worse-Aaron texted me that Isaiah has pancreatitis now(inflammation of the pancreas). Pain medication has been changed somewhat. He still has a Fentanyl patch on plus he gets Loritab and Ativan (all together!)with no success. Aaron is trying to keep his spirits up, but it is very difficult. He will smile and walk for a few minutes and then incredible pain starts randomly.

Isaiah is saying that he does not want to wait for the transplant, he wants it NOW. If the pain doesn't get better, I don't know how he will be able to go back to school without screaming out every few minutes. I don't know how we will keep his will to live until he does receive a transplant. All I can do is pray for The Lord to spare him continued pain and suffering in some way...please pray for our boy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Giblets,

as Dr. Grant so succintly put it. Isaiah is going to get a liver, pancreas and small bowel transplanted. I guess anatomically it makes more sense to put in a new pancreas since the liver and pancreas are so close together and share some of the same pipes, so to speak. Good thing he doesn't need ALL the giblets. Now we just have to get him healthy enough to list officially.

**Pictures of Gma and Gpa' visit yesterday taken by Aaron, so glad he remembered since I didn't. **

Still in a lot of pain. The resident came back to open up another new oozing section of the incision and pack it with gauze, etc. I was leaving when the resident came, so Aaron got to have all the fun by himself. Fever last night of 38.9 (about 102 degrees fahr.)

Back home for more working. The kids want a puppy really bad...Isaiah keeps asking.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not so great today...

Back in Omaha with Boo for the weekend. Got here yesterday. No photo ops, as our boy said that we should not talk or have lights on because his head hurt and he was in pain. He didn't even want to kiss me goodnight :(

Rough morning today. The kid is on a narcotic patch, IV narcotics, Ativan (like Valium), and Benadryl. Could have knocked out a moose with all that but our boy was awake and hurting. Had to take a couple of the staples out of his stomach because it's oozing again. Now we have to do wet to dry dressings twice per day. If you don't know what that is, let me describe it for you. We take sterile gauze and wet it with sterile saline. Then we push it into the sugical incision as far as it will go (sound painful yet?). Then twelve hours later, we get to take the gauze that has now dried and stuck to the insides of the open incision and pull it all out. It is very painful, but it brings out all the yucky stuff with it. Then we start over with shoving more gauze in.

Isaiah also got to have one of his drain tubes changed. We went to a larger size because it was leaking stomach acid and the skin is dissolving around it. That was so fun, it took Aaron, the nurse, and me to hold him down. We did get a great little dressing to put around the tube to protect the skin better and there are lots of things we can do to heal the skin.

So after all that, he's asleep. Peacefully. He did have visitors today and I didn't take pictures so I'm kicking myself because they just left. Grandpa Ross and Grandma Fonda came. Through all the pain, his eyes lit up when they walked in his room. Unfortunately, they were there just in time for rounds and got to witness some of the fun. They took Boo down to the cafeteria for a LONG lunch so we could finish the gory stuff. I feel badly, sisters and grandparents should not have to witness that. Aaron and I are just used to it, sadly.

I'm hoping when he wakes up from his nap he feels better...watching him suffer helplessly is hard. I lay awake at night trying to think of things to ease his pain or distract him. But sometimes, there is just nothing to do for it except be supportive and be strong for him.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trying to feel better...

Isaiah is working hard to get around and feel better. He is still in a lot of pain, but he is trying so hard to function. He even had school today on Skype (video phone call on laptop) with his hospital teacher and another friend in Omaha.
Thankfully, he has visitors that really cheer him up!! Isaiah was lucky enough to have "The Captain" come visit him yesterday. That is Jenni's husband (my friend that set up this blog). So blessed to have people that care enough to make a trip all the way to Omaha to see a little boy in ICU!! Made me cry to see the picture of them together. I bet The Captain didn't realize how hot those isolation gowns are, he looks like he might be a tad warm. :)

Isaiah also saw his Uncle Eric today and his friend Emily came from Gretna, Nebraska. I don't have pictures of that yet, but will soon. He LOVES visitors. It wears him out too-Aaron said he took a very long nap after seeing everyone today. That is OK by me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Up to chair briefly

Isaiah has been asleep again since 6:30pm, but he did end up getting in the chair for a few minutes earlier this evening. You can see he is hurting, but he's bearing it the best he can.

I think he is in better shape this time after surgery-he is such a fighter!!!!

Time will tell...

My boy has been pretty much sedated all day. He is in a lot of pain and has a Dilaudid PCA pump. A PCA pump is when you get to push a button every time you are in pain and it delivers a dose of pain medication. If he is awake his pain is horrible, so he has to push the button and then he passes out again.

The surgical dressing was changed today, nothing eventful there. Aaron was hoping to try to get him into the chair for a few minutes by tonight. Don't know if that is going to happen or not but will hope for better tomorrow. Every time I call, Isaiah has been asleep so I guess I won't get to talk to him right away. That stinks...

At least he is alive and mostly stable...the PICU nurses will take good care of him and so will Aaron.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Isaiah finally got to his PICU room at about 6:15pm. He is difficult to recover, so they finally just moved him up to his room.

Aaron put the phone up to his ear so I could tell him that I love him. He cried weakly and said that he hurt. I was about to walk out the front door and keep going till I got to Omaha. My baby is hurting and I'm not with him. He's never been without me in PICU before. I know that Aaron is more than up to the task but he is not "The MOM". Things get pretty intense in PICU after surgery.

So, Aaron says that he is knocked out on drugs for now and not really responsive. I guess we will see how tomorrow goes. I pray that God would minimize his suffering and pain and keep his spirits afloat. I wish I could just reach into the picture and touch his face...

And we're done...

Isaiah is out of surgery now. Aaron texted and said that his temp. is up to 38.8 (about 102.0 F) and that he is so dehyrdrated that he is crying and he cannot make tears. He said that Isaiah is in a lot of pain right now. He is on the way to PICU.

Here is what happened-I just got off the phone with the surgeon, Dr. Grant. God love her...
The piece of graft that was going to be removed couldn't be. It was too scarred and too fibrous. It would have been too risky to try to remove it at this point. Also, he had some sort of small hole or leak where the intestine was connected to the colon. There was a bunch of pus inside his belly, so there was infectious material that the drain didn't get out of his abdomen. Again, too risky to try to get it all out, so there is another drain for that (jp drain).

So now he has a drain from the duodenum, a drain from the stomach and a drain from the abdomen. He will come home with two of these. He also got a new temporary triple lumen to go along with the single lumen, so he has two central lines. Before he goes home he will get a new double lumen to replace the two lines. She did say that his liver is still soft. It's enlarged from the TPN, but at least its not all hard and fibrosed. Still planning to list in a couple of months.

Now, the task is for him to survive recovery and get him home to his mama. We've got a long road ahead of us and the journey is just beginning. Praise God, my boy is alive!!!!


This is not Jen-Isaiah's mom. This is her friend JEN-I helped her start this blog.

Isaiah is having surgery TODAY at noon-please join me in praying for my dear friend and her family.

Jenni is not able to be with Isaiah during his surgery. Isaiah is in Omaha and Jen is busy working in Kansas City. I can't imagine being away from my baby during this time but Jenni has to work to keep the family going. Her husband is with Isaiah today.

I'm busting in on her blog to ask for your help. It is VERY DIFFICULT for this family to live in one place and have Isaiah in a totally different state. With gas money, travel expenses, lodging and food it is VERY EXPENSIVE!

So, I'm asking you, out of the goodness of your heart-If you feel led to help this family-there are 2 ways.

#1 You can join Isaiah's FIGHT on facebook and donate with a debit/credit card. CLICK HERE TO GO TO ISAIAH'S CAUSE on facebook.

#2 You can mail a check to their church-write ISAIAH somewhere on envelope or in the memo of your check

Lifestream Christian Church
136 East Main Street
Gardner, KS 66030

Phone: 913-856-8088

Even $1 will help this family!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home again, home again...

Well, I at least got a dose of my boy this weekend. Boo and I went up to visit-can't let "the boys" have too much fun! Boo and Isaiah played some cards after a VERY competitive game of chess. They are both beginners so it was funny to listen-I don't know how to play so Aaron had to referee. I guess you can't move any old piece sideways in chess??
Friday Isaiah had more diagnostics to follow up from having the scope on Thursday. He is blocked three different ways. They used contrast and it showed that the drainage tube exiting the duodenum was obstructed, the intestine from the stomach was obstructed and nothing came through from the bottom either. Obstructed three different ways in such a small area. Who'd have thought???

OK, now the hard part. Isaiah is going to have surgery tomorrow, just found out that he is scheduled for noon. He is going to have the single(!!) lumen central line removed and a double lumen placed instead, but of course, that is just the opening act.

His abdomen is going to be opened again. This time, that little piece of transplant that was left is going to be removed. He had another small piece of his own intestine attached to the transplant from the liver. That is now going to be in a loop, attached to the stomach with a drain stuck in somewhere. Nothing attached to the end, if you know what I mean. Hard to picture, I know. I have a lovely drawing from the surgical team that I will scan tomorrow and put in the blog. It helped me a lot because I couldn't imagine what else they could do. There isn't a whole lot to work with.

He'll be back in Pediatric ICU after surgery until he is stabilized and then we start over with the post-op recovery. Maybe this time it will be blessedly uneventful. I supposed it doesn't matter too much, since I do know that he will be OK in the end no matter what, but I would like to spare him the pain and discomfort.
Also, he will not be able to eat food after this surgery until after the transplant. Since he has no way to evacuate food eaten, it would clog the drain tube that he will have. That is a huge deal to us since we worked so hard to teach him how to eat when he was two years old. Isaiah is not going to be happy to say the least.

Will update tomorrow when I know something.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It just keeps getting worse...

More surgery. The Team wants to do exploratory surgery to have a look inside again. It was exlained to Aaron today that most likely, they will have to remove everything left, staple the rectum closed and put a drain tube in the stomach, as there will be nowhere else for the stomach acid to go. It is still not clear to me if the liver and pancreas will have a place to drain into or not. I'm concerned that this will cause Isaiah to turn yellow again and have increased liver enzymes. This really could push him into liver failure more quickly.

I guess we will see. It's not an emergency surgery, since he has the NG tube and drainage bag from his nose. I'm guessing that they will operate next week rather than tomorrow. I could be wrong...

I don't necessarily have my Joy back, but I am reminding myself that God is handling this and I need to wait and see what He does next. If I had no worries when Isaiah had the explant, then I don't know why I am so upset now. Maybe it's just knowing that he has no idea what is about to happen to him-again. This could keep him in Omaha for several more weeks.

I just want my little boy home. I miss him so much. :(

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad news from UNMC...

Just got off the phone with Aaron. During the scope of the upper GI tract, the probe (camera thingy) could only get about 4cm past the stomach and no further. The piece of remaining small intestine has twisted and stuck to itself, apparently, after the pressure change from "the great draining".

A CT scan will be done tomorrow to determine if any fluid can go past or around the drainage tube in the small intestine. Here are our options as they stand right now: Isaiah goes outpatient with a big honkin' NG tube attached to suction that he would have to carry around along with the TPN backpack and the drainage bag attached to his stomach OR, they open him back up, remove all remaining small intestine (tiny piece that it is), staple off the rectum and I don't know what else with his stomach, liver etc.

Things are not lookin' good, my friends...I just keep telling myself, "As long as he still has this or that, he'll still be OK", but he keeps losing parts and he is not going to have anything left. I'm not taking this in my usual optimistic style...hopefully by tomorrow I'll have regained my Joy. I know God has this and I'm not taking it back from Him, but I do get sad sometimes. I think I need to read my bible for awhile and maybe have a bubble bath or something. I feel like a piece of wood.

A SINGLE????!!!!

So, Isaiah came back from surgery last night with a single lumen central line. I would love to know how I am going to run TPN along with anything else.

He is getting scoped as we speak. They are going to look at the upper and lower GI tract to see what the problem is. I'm actually feeling a little anxious. What if something in there is so jacked up that he needs more surgery??? I'll never get him home...

The Team is talking about going outpatient Friday, but I'm having trouble believing it. He would still be in Omaha, but not in the hospital. It's better than nothing, I have to say. I'm trying to mentally prepare for the sheer volume of medical supplies that are about to come our way. No place to put it all, for sure.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going down to surgery...

for a central line placement. Isaiah had a triple lumen central line but it clotted off completely, even after the nurse fixed it with clotbuster. A central line is an IV that is inserted into one of the large veins, usually the subclavian vein that runs parallel to the collar bone. In Isaiah's case, it is usually inserted into the skin on the chest and tunnelled up to the collar bone area. Then the IV tubing (catheter) is inserted into the vein itself and it runs down to the heart. The tip of the catheter typically sits just above the Right Atrium of the heart. That's why it's so serious when someone gets an infection. It can travel straight to the heart and throughout the body.

So, Aaron and Isaiah are headed down to the OR for a new central line. I hope it's a triple lumen or a double at least...

He is still vomiting. Aaron said that no one knows why he is vomiting. The Team has ordered some more diagnostics for tomorrow so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. They can't let him go outpatient if he's got a big NG tube in his nose with a bag hanging off. The kid has three drain bags attached to his body. Unbelievable. He's still smiling. No pic for today yet. I have to wait until they get back from surgery.

I am between patients and getting ready to leave my house again so I will have to update later. Stay tuned...and keep prayin'. We've got to get this kid out of the hospital so he can come home to ME!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time for a visit!!

Nanny Sue and Papa are here for a visit!!! Isaiah is very happy about that, obviously, and his sisters came for a visit too. This is the first time they have seen him since he was admitted on Feb. 15th.

Fever is gone, but lots and lots of stuff going from the Nasogastric tube into a drainage bag. It should be coming into the other drainage bag coming from his abdomen. We don't know why it isn't but THE TEAM is going to discuss it Monday. What to do, What to do...

I am so glad I got to see my boy, he is sleeping right now like an angel, so I'm trying not to bug him too much. Sad to go home today and I will miss him so much BUT someone has to work and that is me. That is the beauty of being a nurse-no shortage of work and we are trying to save every penny for the upcoming transplant.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I spoke too soon...

things are not quite as great as I thought they were. Temp is steady at 38.0 and according to Aaron, the drainage is coming out of his Nasogastric tube without suction. That means that there is enough pressure to push stuff against gravity up through the tube and out. Also, he said that there is a lot of blood coming into the drain from where they drained all of the fluid out of his abdomen. He has requested a new CT scan but I don't think one has been done. Some of the staples were removed today from the incision, it doesn't look like there was much underneath, which is good.

So, Aaron thinks he is still bleeding internally and something else is wrong. I will be with my boy this weekend, so we will see. I've got to get my eyes on him and check it out for myself.

Isaiah is never simple, we've known that for a long time...

The team says that if we could get his drainage under control, he could possible go outpatient next week. That means he would still stay in Omaha, but not in the hospital. We would stay at the Lied Center-a hotel for patients and families attached to the medical center. Let's hope it's not for too long...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Isaiah is reading through cards and pictures sent by his school. He is missing his classmates and is wanting to get home. He just wants his normal life back. I don't think he realizes that it's not going to be normal for a very long time, if ever-but we'll do our best for him...

In the picture, he has on a mask and gloves. This is how he goes around outside his hospital room because he is immunosuppressed and he is also in isolation. His incision culture is positive for VRE. VRE is an equally bad cousin to MRSA, you may have heard of that. VRE stands for Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus. Enterococcus live in your gut normally, but it can overgrow and cause infection. This particular bug is resistant to Vancomycin, a strong antibiotic that would normally be used to treat the infection. Isaiah had blood infections so often when he was little. Each time, he was treated with Vancomycin, the drug of choice. That is why he is resistant now.

On a happier note, his fever is gone!!! AND his liver enzymes are ever so slightly improved AND his bilirubin level is down. My husband says he is not so yellow anymore. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if we could just get his stomach to stop producing so much stuff, we would be in good shape.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Smiling

So, Isaiah's temp has been steady now at 38.0 degrees since the "great draining" took place. That is 100.0 degrees in fahrenheit. It had been at 101.0 degrees before that (38.5). I'm so sorry-it was pointed out to me today that a fahrenheit conversion would be helpful. I hadn't even thought of that.

Since he was throwing up yesterday, they put in a big ol' post op nasogastric tube to suck anything extra out of his stomach. It is very uncomfortable and not fun to put in at all.

The good news is that today was free haircut day at the hospital. There is a group of volunteers from salons around the city that come and give haircuts to pediatric patients. Isaiah loves to experiment with his hair-after his transplant in 2007 I let him get a mohawk and we dyed it blue. He's still smiling in spite of everything....

Feeling a little better today, I think. It just takes so long to get him better and I want him home with me!!!! He's been in the hospital since Feb. 16th...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He's gonna blow!!!

So, The Team was concerned enough that they decided to drain the fluid off little man last night. Still don't know the exact volume. My husband said it was A LOT and that it was gross and bloody and nasty looking. THEN, the boy's intestines starting working and everything started coming out the other end. So, it looked like his remaining gut had awoken magically after taking the pressure off.

Today, he hasn't stooled again and he has thrown up now 6 or 7 times. He had to go throw up when I was on the phone with him. Aaron promised me that he checked Isaiah's tummy drain and that it was not in a bad position. I will be very interested to know what his lab results look like today.

He's on two different IV antibiotics and an IV anti-fungal now for at least 10-14 days.

This is where things are going to start getting complicated, I can tell.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Something reared its ugly head and now we know what else is wrong with our boy. He had a couple of red spots near his incision that we had been watching. Not much happening with them. By last night, he had drainage and blistering the entire length of the incision. He had a CT scan today for a closer look. Fever up to 38.9, feels crummy, laid in bed, lots of pain.

He has ascites (fluid accumulation in the abdomen from the liver malfunctioning) and also what appears to be an abdominal abcess (bag o' pus). He is going to go down to "Specials" in the radiology department tomorrow where they will attempt to drain the fluid and pus from the abdomen with a needle guided by pictures of his insides.
I think this picture is an appropriate expression of his feelings today, whaddya say??? Note that he still got out of bed and tried to do something fun. What a kid!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness...

So, we made it through the night without anything crazy happening. Fever still there, not better, not worse, at 38.6. I was speaking to a resident this morning about him. The problem is, even when something is going on with Isaiah, his lab work typically does not look horrible. Abnormal, but not horrible. When he was in rejection his lab work was normal, even his immunosuppressive drug level was normal. Yet he was in rejection. With the vomiting that started in January and led to this surgery-lab work, all normal. Not a single sign that something is going on except what I can see with my eyes and my intimate knowledge of my son. Normal kids lay in bed-not Isaiah. If he is laying in bed, something is seriously wrong. But I digress...

The resident was explaining to me that his lab work is abnormal but not significantly horrible. I exlpained about how everything looks OK when it's not. I really believed that the vomiting he was having was because everything was backing up into his liver again, but I don't think anyone believed me.

When I bathed him I realized that the swelling has gone down in his abdomen. Since his abdomen is basically hollow now, the drain tube (from the picture yesterday) is tilted downwards instead of being straight. I cleaned it and put a piece of gauze under the round plastic guard. Guess what?? A ton of drainage came out. Then suddenly, my boy felt much better. So, I think we have taken care of the pain issue, maybe. That would have been enough to cause the vomiting because the fluid in his gut would have backed up into the liver.

When the team came for rounds, we talked about the fever and jaundice. It may never go away. We just don't know yet. It could start to resolve slowly OR this is the start of a very rocky road to liver failure. He's not even officially listed for transplant yet. He has to heal for 6-8 weeks first. So, we will have to learn to love yellow, I'm trying to make myself really like it right now. I think I will go straight home and take anything yellow out of his closet. Definitely not flattering at this point. It reminds me of when his big sister, Boo, was a newborn. She had the newborn jaundice and it really ticked me off-we had received some darling clothes for her at a shower and most of the items were yellow. You never saw a less flattering look on a newborn.

I am about to leave for home again and hated saying goodbye to my boy. My husband had just left for church services when the team came for rounds, so I need to update him ASAP.

Back home to my girls!!!