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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not so great today...

Back in Omaha with Boo for the weekend. Got here yesterday. No photo ops, as our boy said that we should not talk or have lights on because his head hurt and he was in pain. He didn't even want to kiss me goodnight :(

Rough morning today. The kid is on a narcotic patch, IV narcotics, Ativan (like Valium), and Benadryl. Could have knocked out a moose with all that but our boy was awake and hurting. Had to take a couple of the staples out of his stomach because it's oozing again. Now we have to do wet to dry dressings twice per day. If you don't know what that is, let me describe it for you. We take sterile gauze and wet it with sterile saline. Then we push it into the sugical incision as far as it will go (sound painful yet?). Then twelve hours later, we get to take the gauze that has now dried and stuck to the insides of the open incision and pull it all out. It is very painful, but it brings out all the yucky stuff with it. Then we start over with shoving more gauze in.

Isaiah also got to have one of his drain tubes changed. We went to a larger size because it was leaking stomach acid and the skin is dissolving around it. That was so fun, it took Aaron, the nurse, and me to hold him down. We did get a great little dressing to put around the tube to protect the skin better and there are lots of things we can do to heal the skin.

So after all that, he's asleep. Peacefully. He did have visitors today and I didn't take pictures so I'm kicking myself because they just left. Grandpa Ross and Grandma Fonda came. Through all the pain, his eyes lit up when they walked in his room. Unfortunately, they were there just in time for rounds and got to witness some of the fun. They took Boo down to the cafeteria for a LONG lunch so we could finish the gory stuff. I feel badly, sisters and grandparents should not have to witness that. Aaron and I are just used to it, sadly.

I'm hoping when he wakes up from his nap he feels better...watching him suffer helplessly is hard. I lay awake at night trying to think of things to ease his pain or distract him. But sometimes, there is just nothing to do for it except be supportive and be strong for him.


  1. Wow! That sounds excrutiatingly painful! He is such a strong boy to endure all of this...praying for a quick recovery!

  2. Jen - don't ever forget that although there are times when you feel helpless, you and Aaron are giving Isaiah the most precious and essential gift of just BEING with him through his suffering. He knows, deep down inside, that he is not alone.

    Your love has worked its way so fully into his heart, that he even feels secure enough to refuse a goodnight kiss. He knows you will ALWAYS be there for him.

    I am keeping you all in my prayers.

  3. I am praying for Isaiah everyday. I'm praying for you and your family too. Take care of yourself, so that you will be strong to care for Isaiah.

  4. There is a reason that you and Aaron were brought into his life. The love that you have brought to him is priceless. I believed that when I met you and I still believe that now! Stay strong,Give him an extra hug and kiss for me (when he will let you). I pray for you all everyday. Your Love is what is getting him though this so far. I will pray for extra strength for all. Love you and miss you all!
    Grandma Vickie