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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The pictures from today and yesterday's adventure are up and in the slide show to the right!  Our boy did quite well.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snake Eyes

So here we find the boy in his "costume" for Halloween.  Child Life is setting up some "trick or treats" on each of the floors for the next few days.  He is still on isolation for tomorrow, but for all those kids stuck like us they are having a "reverse" trick or treat.  Basically, the nurses are coming around to the rooms and giving items to the kids.  Then on Friday we'll have a parade of costumes and get to go to the different nurses stations.  No concentrated sugar for the boy, so he'll get the nick-nacks and I'll be gaining a few pounds.  Good times.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All the Support and Influenza A...

This was sent to us from a class in California!  This is just one example of some of the support we have received over the last few months.  He really enjoys getting the cards and pictures because he can actually see those that are writing the letters.

This week has been a mix of news.  We've found out he tested positive for Influenza A - which is the family of flu that H1N1 belongs to.  He doesn't have it, that we know of - but just being given the diagnosis has brought it's own challenges for him and me.  We're both basically on quarantine until this Friday!  So I've limited myself to the Lied Room and his room, and I now am wearing a mask through the wing to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

As always, thanks for everything!  We'll continue to update as things come along.  Isaiah is very excited to get off isolation just in time for Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

May I present the Rooster . . .

So here we see the boy and his new hairstyle.  And we also see a few visitors that have come up to fawn over the little one.  It was a very good evening getting some old stories out and everyone laughing.  The visitors are coming back again tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get a few more good pictures and get the boy outside for the first time in about 2 months.  Little things, a little at a time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It looks good, but still not acting right.

So the bowel actually looks OK.  He's still dumping though, and that means more time to get everything settled and him back on track.  Like we've said - it's always something, but at least this hasn't damaged anything they can tell so far.  More pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick Update - Virus is back

Well our few days without issues are over.  Isaiah is up to be scoped today as we've found out he has an Adenovirus affecting his outputs.  This is bad as this particular virus can cause inflammation of the new bowel or help cause rejection.  They've been replacing fluids, which is just about all they can do for now.  This is just a testament to how fast things can change, as he had a scope on Friday evening and everything looked good.  Hopefully we'll have results today after 3pm.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

So, we're camping today!  We had our daily ration of bacon and we set-up our "tent" and Ike is camping tonight.  He's got the TV and remote and 3 hours of cartoon network coming up.  He is doing very well.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friends come by.

So we had some visitors come by today.  It was good to see Isaiah interact and seem to act like himself.  He had a scope today as his output has been a little high and they are watching him closely.  Dr. Dean said everything still looks great and the pics he made looked good too!  We look to have another good weekend, and who knows where we may be next week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello from Omaha!

Hello, all.  Things have been going very well, so I didn't want to jinx it by posting early :-)  Isaiah is on solid foods, though he is pretty much just eating lunch meat, baked dorito's, and a piece of bacon daily!  His feeds are up, his attitude has been great, and he's looking really good.  He's homesick and missing his puppy, so I had more pictures taken and sent so I could print them off.  It's too bad Percy can't come up and visit :-(

Praise be to God, things are going well.

Friday, October 9, 2009

And we're upstairs!

We finally got to make the move upstairs today.  No pictures, but it's very nice and give us a lot more room to work.  He's pretty happy and the doctors were impressed with the recovery so far.  He's running a low grade temp today, so that's being watched.  He started tube feeds today too, so we've got quite a few things moving.

And for another great news update:  Emile is doing well!  We actually got to stop by her room today and talk with her!  This is a major upgrade as she has been pretty sedated over the last few days.  Emile and Ike even went to Pet Therapy together today.

Today was a good day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Comes Early

So we decided to put a little color in his hair again and decorate the room.  I didn't want to at first because if we move upstairs this weekend, we have to pack it all up again!  But we did it and he was pretty excited.  Things are going pretty well, though he is now "dry".  It's funny as we kept trying to get him to put off fluid for the longest time, and now we're trying to get him hydrated!  Oh well.  He's in a great mood and has rarely been in his room.  Childlife has done a wonderful job keeping him busy.  He's been downgraded and can leave the unit, so he's been taking full advantage of it.  It was good to see him more like himself today.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Making the comeback

Isaiah has been doing quite well the last couple of days.  His labs are good, he's off the oxygen, and he is up and moving around.  I sincerely hope we can start the process of recovery now.  It is frustrating for little things to keep happening, and it starts the process all over.  But he's having a really good start to the week and we're very happy!

Emile had a really rough last 24 hours.  All I can say is please keep them both in your prayers as we continue on this week.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Always something . . .

There just always has to be something.  So the last 24 hours were going "too" good.  I took this picture around noon today.  By 2pm, Isaiah started vomiting and having pain in his stomach area.  The last time this occurred, he had developed an abscess of fluid in his abdominal area.  So we'll wait until Monday probably to do new x-rays/CT to see what's happening.  We were trying to ween him from some of his pain meds and suction on his gut, but we've had to hold back and continue treatment as usual.

Isaiah's friend Emile is in real need of prayer support right now.  She is having ICP, or inter-cranial pressure, and it is at dangerous levels right now.  She is scheduled to have a drain put in on Monday but is in a lot of pain right now.  Please hold her an her parents up right now.  They really need the support.

Friday, October 2, 2009

God is Awesome - and so is Johnny Test!

So today has been totally awesome!  He is up, walking around (as far as his tubes will let him), in a great mood, and eating ice chips.  He got a hair cut, played a game, and did all his physical therapy.  It is truly amazing to see how fast the human body can respond.  He is not totally off the oxygen yet, but we think this will occur by Sunday.  Then it is recovery time and hopefully up to the 6th floor by next weekend.

We received MANY letters today from friends and family from Church and School!  Thank you very much 2nd Grade!  When Isaiah was here for his 1st transplant, he was Ang the Airbender (which is a movie coming next year I think - always a step ahead, that boy).  This year, we're Johnny Test - a new cartoon on Cartoon Network.  This is the flaming boys hair that we are now sporting:

And here's our boy:

Good times!  He'll have a little more red tomorrow.  He just got the first tinge today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Much Better Day

We've had a very good day today.  The tube came out of his lungs, and we had a pretty tense few hours getting him breathing on his own again.  But by the end of tonight, he was talking and eating ice while watching cartoons.
We hope to have him sitting up in the chair and moving around a lot more tomorrow and hopefully walking this weekend.  We'll see.

While we've been in and out of Omaha throughout the last 3 years, we've come to know a lot of the families that have come through the program.  One of Isaiah's friend's Emile had a kidney transplant and has gone back and forth from the PICU to the Children's floor just since we've been here.  I'd ask all those praying for Isaiah, please keep her in your prayers as well.  She has a very supportive family, but every bit helps.

New pictures tomorrow!