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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Always something . . .

There just always has to be something.  So the last 24 hours were going "too" good.  I took this picture around noon today.  By 2pm, Isaiah started vomiting and having pain in his stomach area.  The last time this occurred, he had developed an abscess of fluid in his abdominal area.  So we'll wait until Monday probably to do new x-rays/CT to see what's happening.  We were trying to ween him from some of his pain meds and suction on his gut, but we've had to hold back and continue treatment as usual.

Isaiah's friend Emile is in real need of prayer support right now.  She is having ICP, or inter-cranial pressure, and it is at dangerous levels right now.  She is scheduled to have a drain put in on Monday but is in a lot of pain right now.  Please hold her an her parents up right now.  They really need the support.

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  1. We will be praying for Emile...and Isaiah..and the parents!
    Love to all!