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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Painful times...

Isaiah's pain is getting worse-Aaron texted me that Isaiah has pancreatitis now(inflammation of the pancreas). Pain medication has been changed somewhat. He still has a Fentanyl patch on plus he gets Loritab and Ativan (all together!)with no success. Aaron is trying to keep his spirits up, but it is very difficult. He will smile and walk for a few minutes and then incredible pain starts randomly.

Isaiah is saying that he does not want to wait for the transplant, he wants it NOW. If the pain doesn't get better, I don't know how he will be able to go back to school without screaming out every few minutes. I don't know how we will keep his will to live until he does receive a transplant. All I can do is pray for The Lord to spare him continued pain and suffering in some way...please pray for our boy.


  1. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with your family. You have an very strong and amazing little boy.


  2. Sending our prayers for a brave little boy and his loving family. Aunt Gerry and Uncle Jer

  3. I wish we could take all your pain away. I pray to God that the pain could go away. May
    god be with you during this time.
    Love Ms. Kim

  4. Still such a handsome little guy, even with the grumpy face. What a blessing he continues to be for you guys and everyone he has touched, despite everything. Please give that boy a big hug for me, high fives from Travis, Chris and Zack and a kiss from Savannah (she doesn't know I said that!).

  5. I continue to pray. Sending my love to your family. I hope that a transplant comes NOW! Be near, Oh God, be near.

  6. Lord, Lord, please give comfort to this child of yours and embrace him and his family with your care and unite them with love through Jesus Christ.
    We'll continue to keep your family in our family's prayers.

  7. Please Lord, take his pain away-lift it away from his body, you are the GREAT PHYSICIAN-please cover Isaiah with your love and healing...

  8. My prayers are with you for your beautiful son Isaiah. To watch your child in pain is such a helpless feeling. I am praying for God to lift his pain and for a speedy transplant. Prayers...

  9. my thoughts and prayers are with you, i have an award for you too, stop by and get it when you have time...

  10. We are praying for you, keep your spirits up.

  11. I have been following your blog thanks to your friend Jen and Praying. Reading how badly your little man hurt just breaks my heart and we are continuing to lift him up to our Heavenly Father- as Jen said, He is the Great Physician, He loves Isiah so much and my prayer is that He will touch his body and begin to heal it, that the pain will lessen and that he is healthy enough for the next step soon.