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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going down to surgery...

for a central line placement. Isaiah had a triple lumen central line but it clotted off completely, even after the nurse fixed it with clotbuster. A central line is an IV that is inserted into one of the large veins, usually the subclavian vein that runs parallel to the collar bone. In Isaiah's case, it is usually inserted into the skin on the chest and tunnelled up to the collar bone area. Then the IV tubing (catheter) is inserted into the vein itself and it runs down to the heart. The tip of the catheter typically sits just above the Right Atrium of the heart. That's why it's so serious when someone gets an infection. It can travel straight to the heart and throughout the body.

So, Aaron and Isaiah are headed down to the OR for a new central line. I hope it's a triple lumen or a double at least...

He is still vomiting. Aaron said that no one knows why he is vomiting. The Team has ordered some more diagnostics for tomorrow so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. They can't let him go outpatient if he's got a big NG tube in his nose with a bag hanging off. The kid has three drain bags attached to his body. Unbelievable. He's still smiling. No pic for today yet. I have to wait until they get back from surgery.

I am between patients and getting ready to leave my house again so I will have to update later. Stay tuned...and keep prayin'. We've got to get this kid out of the hospital so he can come home to ME!!!!


  1. poor little man. I am praying. You must be exhausted.

  2. He's such a strong little guy...still praying for all of you!