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Monday, March 2, 2009


Something reared its ugly head and now we know what else is wrong with our boy. He had a couple of red spots near his incision that we had been watching. Not much happening with them. By last night, he had drainage and blistering the entire length of the incision. He had a CT scan today for a closer look. Fever up to 38.9, feels crummy, laid in bed, lots of pain.

He has ascites (fluid accumulation in the abdomen from the liver malfunctioning) and also what appears to be an abdominal abcess (bag o' pus). He is going to go down to "Specials" in the radiology department tomorrow where they will attempt to drain the fluid and pus from the abdomen with a needle guided by pictures of his insides.
I think this picture is an appropriate expression of his feelings today, whaddya say??? Note that he still got out of bed and tried to do something fun. What a kid!!


  1. Hello from Kansas! Just wanted to let you all know that the Myers family loves you all! You are in our thoughts and prayers!
    Caitlin Myers
    PS. Jennifer, I enjoyed spending time with your girls this weekend at ATF, you've got some great girls!

  2. Hello from Texas,
    So nice to finally get to hear how my beautiful grandson is doing.I miss him everyday and have kept him in my prayers.Love and kisses.
    Grandma Vickie

  3. Hello from Texas, I have known Isaiah since birth and I pray that his surgery/transplant goes well this time. As Christians it is Jesus will that we love each other and make righteous decisions. He is loved and missed by us and always in our prayers.

    Love friend of Grandma Vickie

    P.S. Love the teeth.

  4. You've got one strong (and handsome) boy there! It's amazing that with all that's going on he can still find his sense of humor.

    Still praying here in KS!