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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting ready to leave...

So, I'm trying to finish laundry, pack and clean the house before we leave for Omaha. It's time for the second transplant evaluation. We have three "fun-filled" days of testing and appointments (including a psychological evaluation, yikes!!) and then at the end, they sit down with us and say, "We are going to officially list Isaiah on the transplant list for liver, pancreas and small bowel." Then they make a few phone calls, fill out paperwork and it's done, just like that.

Then the waiting begins. There is a balancing act between your age, how long you have been on the list waiting and your current medical status. There are extra lab tests we will start getting now in addition to current lab tests that I get at home. We have to check and see if his liver is still able to produce blood clotting factors and basically, how close it is to shutting down completely. Obviously, we don't want him to bleed to death before he gets transplanted and the IV nutrition that he gets constantly is very hard on the liver too. It's really a balancing act. We hope that Isaiah will be at home with us up until the transplant, but sometimes, the person waiting gets very sick and has to be in the hospital well before they actually receive the transplant. We are ready for that, too.

We've just been trying to live as normally as possible, working and taking care of our boy. It takes a lot of energy and we are so tired. BUT, its always better than living at the hospital. Don't get me wrong, they have good food and all, but you know...OK, this will crack people up. Sadly, the transplant evaluation is our big vacation for this summer. I am excited (in a pathetic sort of way;) because we are going to try to go to the zoo and the Omaha Royals game. Wowee. Makes you think I need to get out more, right??? At least Omaha is a nice place to go.

Will keep posting, now that we are back in the medical stuff again.


  1. Well hello all, Its so nice that you keep such a positive outlook on it.You are in my prayers everyday and please tell my handsome grandson how much I love and miss him and hope he flies thru all this with NO pain.Have fun at the zoo even though you have been there a million times already.Thank you for your updates.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Grandma Vickie

  2. We pray for our boy daily AND we know his big eval week is this week. Of course we will all be praying!

  3. Hey Jennifer!
    I am on vacation this week so hopefully I will be able to see you and Isaiah while you are in town.
    Take care,

  4. I apologize for that crazy "username"...it does not let me put in my name or post anonymously, so I guess that's what you get :o)

    Hope you have my number still, but my email is amfulton02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Take care (again...ha!)

  5. I remember you in my prayers every day, you are so inspirational, hope all goes well!! xoxoxox

  6. We prayed for Isaiah and you all at our church staff meeting this morning!
    Blessings to you as you travel and stay in Omaha!