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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back in the hospital...

So, Isaiah has been in the hospital since Tuesday. I know, very tardy in actually telling anyone.

He was (is?) bleeding somewhere internally and now his Gastric drain has been removed(long story). Sepsis vs. Peritonitis was initially suspected as the culprit, but looking at him today, he's just not sick enough...if that were the case, he would have been a lot closer to, uh, "you know", the whole permanent separation thing. For you medical junkies-in addition to acute infection and fever, hgb was 7.0 and dropping...He got packed red blood cells in Omaha on Thursday night and was feeling better on Friday. He should get a new drain placed this weekend or Monday. He's been on IV antibiotics since Tuesday so that has definitely helped out-Vanco and Cefepime does a body good, right?

When we are in Omaha-and it IS me this time-Aaron is home working, I either can't sleep or want to sleep constantly. Note: 3:30am posting time. Isaiah always seems to ease his way through all of this, so I've no reason to doubt that he will sail through again. But SO not fun. Life does not stop for illness, I've learned. Just thought since I was sitting here with nothing to do except listen to Boo snore, I would post and update everyone.


  1. You know we got you covered in prayer. HUGS!

  2. you are in my prayers...sending healing thoughts and hugs!

  3. Stay strong - thinking of you daily

  4. Will you all be heading back for the transplant reunion, or waiting it out for "the call"?! Although we are glad you all are not here, we, especially Emily, miss you guys. Yeah- we are still here! Take care.
    Erin Koesters