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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Better, but not all the way...

Isaiah's feeling better. Good enough to use rude behavior and get in trouble...but not good enough to come home yet. He is still culturing positive in one lumen of his central line, so he's not going anywhere yet.

Poor Percy the Puppy. He doesn't understand why Boo is gone and now Ike is gone. He is very lonely between Aaron and I both working and splitting time at the hospital with Ike. Ike is missing his dog and wants to come home. Boo called today and said she is missing her dog. More than she is missing Aaron and me, I'm sure. Tater is still gone for the summer and won't be back until August.

Can you believe this???? Isaiah had a Wii in his room at the hospital, from child life. It malfunctioned so child life took it back to the play room for repairs. She left the room, came back and someone had stolen it out of its rolling cabinet in the play room. I am absolutely floored. I can't believe that someone would steal from a children's hospital. There are no limits on stupidity and immorality, I guess. So sad...

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