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Friday, November 6, 2009

And we're FREE! Well, sorta.

Here we see little Isaiah tired from the days events.  And notice we're not in a Hospital Room!  We're outpatient!  Almost a full month ahead of schedule.  Now what this means is I'm providing total care for our little cub.  Since we're out early, this means we have a rigorous schedule.  He has to receive all medications at 0900/2100 hrs, he currently still has an open incision site being changed 3x day, he is on TPN (IV nutrition), Enteral Feeds (nose tube), and has now been diagnosed with Adno- & Norwalk virus.  And I was told today he may be in the beginning stages of rejection - though virus can mimic the symptoms so we won't know until Monday what's really happening since -> He's getting another SCOPE!  Yay!

It was a lot of information to digest today and we had to move out of his room into ours.  Not a whole lot of space available at the moment.  Keep praying.  We hope to go to the Zoo tomorrow.

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