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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another scare and repercussions

Another scare this past Friday.  Isaiah was up all night screaming and retching.  We went to Children's around 630a and found him to be severely dehydrated again...  This has continued to be an issue since we first took the tube out last year.  So, at this time he has the tube back in.  He was not very happy, but the pain he was experiencing Friday am was from his kidneys starting to shut down.  We were not admitted, but he has fluids running 24hrs a day.  This weekend, the poor fella didn't even get out of bed unless to the bathroom.  He did start to come around last night and did manage a shower, but still not talking very much and has occasional retching after he takes his meds.  He has spring break next week, so he's missing this week of school - which is going to put him behind again....

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