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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drama, Hives, and how fragile things are . . .

And we see what happens when we have an allergic reaction.  Apparently this is Isaiah's reaction to latex, though there is nothing we can identify in the room.  So, we've had to add a few more medications to help out.  We did end up pulling the central line (pictured here), but we also changed his enteral formula.  This ended up being a bad combination.  As it was - when we did replacement fluids we could send them right to his body via the central line.  After the central line is pulled, we have to do fluids through his enteral feeds.  Well - if he's actively dumping through his intestine this doesn't really help.

When we changed his formula on Friday, everything seemed to be going OK.  For his first 12 hours, he only dumped about 100ml.  Then he started losing fluid faster than what he was taking in.  Basically a normal day for Isaiah is to take in 2200ml of feeds from his tube plus whatever he eats for the day.  Then he will void out about 1000ml over the same 24hr period.  Saturday, he dumped out over 2000ml.  So after a few phone calls, a stop in his feeds, a run to the labs, and re-evaluation we got things settled down.  Sunday and today were much better, but this weekend just served as a reminder as to how fragile things still are.


  1. Oh, I'm sending more prayers! You all have my heart and I'm always thinking about you!