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Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor and the Life of a Mouse.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day and another remembrance to a generation of families and descendants for those who served during WWII.  The boy and I will be visiting some of the local area's and memorials.  My Grandfather served with the 9th Armored Division in Germany.  God Bless all those families with members serving over this holiday season.

While we were out with the family, we visited a pet store.  Normally this is just a token visit to keep the kids busy and pass some time.  But we found something very interesting in a little tank....

Now it may look like they're running in different directions, but this is just the "pause" before the storm because what we found (and continued to provide many minutes of entertainment) was the black/white mouse was running while the tan mouse was trying to get off this crazy ride.  And if you think it was easy, check the next picture:

The "blur" on the top is the tan mouse hanging on for dear life!  The black/white just would not let him get off the wheel.  He tried several times, and each time he almost made it - his buddy decided it was time to run again!  Disclaimer:  No mice were harmed in the filming of these pictures!  Of course, Isaiah said that looked like fun . . .  Good times!

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