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Sunday, January 31, 2010

And we're back to Omaha...


As you can see, Isaiah is holding his "cup" close to prevent any misses as we journey back to Omaha.   No word on what's going on, but Isaiah woke up around 3am and started vomiting and complaining of stomach pains.  This is the first time since the transplant that we've had any issues like this one.  Usually it is not a good sign when he is vomiting, so we're a little worried.  We called the liver team at 6am to see what they wanted to do, and here we are traveling.  We arrived around 1030am and got checked in.  I haven't seen him in this much pain since the old transplant was removed and we were dealing with pancreatitis.  He was given some anti-nausea and some adavan after we got into the clinic.  He's really sore around the bottom of his original suture area and it's oozing, so there may be some infection brewing.  We had a CT done as well as blood work, so hopefully we'll know something today, but more like tomorrow.  Keep the prayers coming, and I'll update throught tomorrow unless something happens tonight.

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