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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And we're home.

No pictures today, but everyone is happy to be in their own beds!  We were discharged today and have made it home prior to the next round of snow.  School has been cancelled for tomorrow, so winter break has been extended by one day!  This will give us time to work out his new schedule and to decompress the two car fulls of stuff.  I guess you could say the "easy" part is over, as now we have to involve a few more people to help watch the little guy and keep us informed of how he is progressing.  School will be the biggest new challenge, but he has quite a few people looking out for him there.  We are in the process of transferring care to new providers here and we have follow-up appointments with his secondary care here at Children's.

God continues to watch over our little guy.  He has made it through so much, and continues to improve.  I would never have thought we would have made it back "early", almost 2 months earlier than last time (and we had to fight for that!).  Now we just need to get back into a rhythm at home, and maybe we'll get to relax...