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Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in business...

Well, we got our boy back on Saturday afternoon from the hospital. He's pretty much OK, but he did miss out on an incredible pancake breakfast in his honor!!!

The turnout Saturday morning was AMAZING...over $5,000 raised for Isaiah. When God does something, he goes all out, right? I don't even know what to say. I made a total fool of myself crying off and on. I saw so many people I've never even met. I met people I've never seen but will see again. I visited with friends I haven't seen since high school. I even got to see Jenni-she was in town for a homeschoolers conference!!! It was a pefect and mind blowing day. All for this little boy...he smiled so big when I showed him the pictures from our camera. He was thrilled to see his classmates, educators, family, church friends and family. He loved it that a whole table of firefighters were there in his honor and MAD that he didn't get to see their fire truck. He's all boy you know...
I have so many thoughts about it all but I just can't seem to express any of it adequately, then I just get teary eyed. Isaiah's entire school and the community just really showed so much support and put so much of themselves into this fundraiser. Here I go, the tears are flowin'. Just can't help it. I look at Isaiah irritating his sisters nearby and I'm so thankful that he is here and has so much support. We are not alone.
***Thanks to everyone involved!!!!***It took so MANY people to pull it together, but I thought our blog readers would like to know that Isaiah's first grade teacher, Mrs. Joles (and her husband), and his room mother, Katie Gillis got this whole ball rolling and did so MUCH work. Would it interest any of you to know that I NEVER met Katie Gillis until the morning of the breakfast???? Don't get embarrassed, Katie, I just wanted people to know of your compassion for a little boy. It touched us deeply.
And Applebee's, don't forget, donated the ENTIRE thing. They did not take a cut from the ticket sales and our turnout was huge. I can't imagine what that breakfast cost them, but they earned my PR skills FOREVER.
Got to go blow my nose now...the kids are going to make fun of me again.


  1. WOW! Looks like so much fun. What a great community. Wish I was there. Hugs and Kisses.
    Grandma Vickie

  2. All I can do is smile and get teary eyed--I sure wish I was able to be there--although I would have just cried the whole time at the awesome support from your community! :0)

  3. What a wonderful turnout!! So glad it was such a success! :) Glad to have been part of this!
    Stacey and Jim

  4. Jen -

    You really, really have to join Facebook!!! So many people would be happy to see you on there!! All of the six girl cousins are on there except you - come on, come full circle!!

    We love you@!