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Sunday, April 5, 2009

So glad to be back home!!

We got to go to church as a family today!! For the first time in over two months. It was WONDERFUL to see our church family this morning, I just couldn't stop smiling. (when I wasn't crying) Our church prayed for us as a group-it was so powerful and so appreciated. I truly believe prayer is what brings this boy home to us time after time.

Isaiah is SO tired. Aaron had to carry him up to the front of the church-if you know Isaiah, that is completely atypical. He was afraid of throwing up in front of his Sunday school class, so he stayed in "big" church with us.
He is so weak, that Boo decided to give Isaiah a change of scenery. She made a " beach" for him in our living room. The gold blankets are sand, with the beach towels for sunbathing and the blue blanket is the ocean. She put out the big picture book of sea animals and the Seaworld towel to remind him of the time we went to Seaworld-before the first transplant. It really made him smile. They put on their sunglasses to sunbathe and watched Nemo and Sharktale-even Tater joined in.

I feel our blessings so strongly today...


  1. Yea! I am so happy for you that Isaiah is finally home with you for a while while he waits for his transplant. I know that it must be a relief to have him with you. He is such a trooper. Your family has such strength. I think about you guys often!!


  2. well, you all looked pretty chilled out to me...glad you are all home and safe...

  3. It is so wonderful to see them all so happy.
    Grandma Vicke

  4. I love this! What a great idea! God is good sissy....God is good....