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Friday, April 17, 2009

That was quick...

Isaiah is already back in the hospital. He started running a fever last night, feeling sick, vomiting. Called his GI doctor at Children's Mercy and got the ol' direct admit to the unit.
No six hour wait in the emergency room for us!!

So, when he's not hurting and leaking strange looking blood clots from his gastric drainage bag, he feels fine, just HOT. I keep telling him that he's smokin' hot, but he doesn't think it's funny anymore.

Yeah, so they drew blood cultures to see if there are any little bugs growing anywhere in his blood stream, but he really doesn't look sick enough to me. If his temp. can go back to normal and the cultures don't grow anything, maybe they'll let us come home on Sunday. I can always hope. I'm just so thankful that he's in Kansas City and not so far away this time.

He's got to get back to school next week anyway-he got picked to be a Character Kid by his teacher at school and the awards are given on Thursday. Guess what character trait he got picked for??? Courage, of course!!

Now he has to miss his own pancake fundraiser in the morning, tomorrow. BUT since he can't eat anyway, I guess it's OK. Aaron and I can go without him just to thank everyone for coming. I won't tell him how much I enjoyed eating pancakes on his behalf.


  1. So sorry to hear! Hope he gets to go home soon. The baseball game looked fun. Love and kisses!!!!!
    Grandma Vickie

  2. Sorry to hear Isaiah is back in the hospital :o( Hope the pancake breakfast goes well and Isaiah is back home soon!

    Take care,

  3. Sorry, that is the first time I have used that way of posting a comment...kind of crazy!

    Jennifer...not sure if I still have your email address. Hope you are doing well.


  4. I'm sorry you are back in...sending love and healing...you can make it up with him with the pancakes when he gets home!!!

  5. So glad to hae finally met you at the breakfast and what a success it was!! :) So glad there was such a good turnout!
    Take care