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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As the days roll on...

Monday, Feb. 23

Isaiah is still sitting in the chair. He still has some severe pain, but it is not constant. He even got up with his Grandpa yesterday and waked a few steps. Lots of sleeping and resting. My husband is back in Omaha with Isaiah, so he is happy. Lots of boy time. Isaiah will sit up and watch TV or a movie and will even play a video game for a short time. Very encouraging. I feel like he has definitely turned the corner.

He definitely does not want to discuss transplant with anyone. I have let Child Life know and a psychologist will be following him until he can get home to see someone. They are so wonderful in Omaha. A whole team of trained professionals that know this child and how to help him. Everyone has been encouraged by his spirit and his smiling attitude in the past.

He has been switched to Fentanyl patches, from what my husband says. This means that a narcotic is soaking into his skin, giving more even pain control than an IV drug. I miss my boy so badly.

I have to say that work is very therapeutic. I am able to go and provide care for other people-it is a wonderful way to keep my mind off our family issues. There are so many people that are not half as blessed as I have been. Our family is so lucky, truly.

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  1. You are so strong. I just admire that about you so much.