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Friday, February 27, 2009

Somthing is NOT right...

I've never seen a seriously ill child look so cheerful, have you??? That's our boy-always smiling!
He's even doing homework for his beloved hospital teacher, Mrs. Eva.

The tiny portion of Isaiah's remaining intestine has decided to remain asleep. He had testing yesterday where they put the liquid into his stomach that can be seen on a monitor as it goes through. Only a tiny trickle made it through. The rest, unfortunately, came back up. Looks like the drainage tube stays in for good. At least he doesn't have to go back to surgery to have it removed.

Today he is running a fever and not feeling well. Something is wrong, but it just isn't obvious yet what that is...I hope it's not an infection in the blood stream (sepsis) or infection in the abdominal cavity.

I get to go to Omaha to see my boy this weekend!! Our girls are staying at a friends house, so I get to be there at the same time as my dear husband. Nice to see him once in awhile...;)


  1. I hope they find out soon what is causing Isaiah's fever! So glad that you will get to spend time with your two guys this weekend.

  2. oh the spirit of children... they amaze me. Good to see the picture of that adorable smile ")

  3. Hey Jenny this is Jama, hang in there! Your postive attitude is amazing. Keep fighting!