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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little by little...

Sunday, Feb. 22

Isaiah was able to sit in the chair for a long while. He started running a fever in the afternoon and went back to bed. My dad had come for a short visit. Isaiah smiled for his Grandpa and then I knew it was going to be OK. He felt well enough to cover his head with his blanket when the transplant team came to his room for rounds. He was angry and did not want to see them. I did let the surgeon know that I had finally explained it all to him. She was encouraged, as I was, at his anger and sadness. To us, that meant Isaiah had decided to fight.

I have to work for a living. I would love it if I didn't, but that will never be the case. So, with my guilt in overdrive, I kissed my angel goodbye and left him with his Grandpa. My husband went back on Monday morning. We have to trade out who is at home so that we can both work and take care of our two daugters.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Kelly Turner. I just wanted to stop by your blog and let you know that we ARE praying for you! My goodness you all have been through so much and boy oh boy is your precious son a fighter! We will be praying for Gods loving hands to guide you and protect you during this difficult time. In Oct 07 we lost our 5 month old daughter after a 4 month hospital stay..so my heart really, really goes out to you all. I will be sharing your blog with others so that the prayer chain will continue to grow! I also wanted you and your husband to know that you ARE doing an amazing job and God is witnessing all of the love and support you are giving to precious Isaiah - He will bless you, just continue to look to Him for each and every need. Please know we will be praying about EVERYTHING...health, stresses, finances, your other children, your marriage..anything and everything. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING we can do - it doesn't sound like we live too far from you guys. We are in Smithville, MO. Keep us all posted...God bless you sweetie