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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Better today!

My boy sounds like himself today!! He is hurting, but he is trying to walk more frequently and he is in the chair most of the time. His personality is re-emerging and he has turned the corner. He got to see the in hospital school teacher for a short time today. Isaiah adores her and will do any school activity for her, including reading.

His gut has not awakened at this time. Will it??? Time will tell. Isaiah is getting used to having the drainage bag hanging from his abdomen and the central line tubing hanging in the way. Makes it hard to walk and go to the bathroom, change clothes, bathe, etc.

We know that we have a 50% chance of having another surgery between now and the next transplant because something may not heal correctly from this surgery or he rejects the remaining piece of intestine from the transplant. We just kind of hoped that it would be the 50% that WE like. I guess we'll leave that up to God. I started to feel silly for being so upset about Isaiah needing a new transplant. Look what God has ALREADY done for this child. That's nothing compared to what he can do next!!! If that's not God smacking me in the head, I don't know what is.

As I remember, five years after this type of transplant, only 50% of the children Isaiah's age are still alive. After a second transplant, we can only assume the odds are not as generous as 50%. But still, I have a sense of peace, not denial. God is going to show me how to work this out. The solutions will become known somehow.

It's very difficult to live apart from your family for so long after the transplant (typically about six months). I think I was definitely a little crazy when we moved back home after his transplant in August of 2007. But we will make it again, just like before.


  1. I'm here from Jen's blog. I have read thru your blog and Isaiah sounds like a wonderful little boy!

    I'm a biological, adoptive and foster parent from KS as well. I will be praying for Isaiah and your family!

  2. Hey, my name is elle and wanted to stop in and let you know that my Dad went through something very similar.
    They we very confident in the first surgery that things had gone well and then the small bowel burst and they had to re-open his belly and remove it. It was pretty devistating.
    They had to leave his belly open so it would heal from the inside to the outside and he could recover. The recovery time was slow and then they took him into surgery when it was healed to open it back up! It felt so overwelming and never-ending!
    But with God's grace, he survived and has lived many years. Looking back, it's even more amazing.
    You are sucha good mama, and your son is truly in our prayers.

  3. I just read though your blog. What an amazing boy you have. And what an amazing mom he has. I will be praying for you. God works in amazing ways.

  4. Hi, I also just came to your blog from Jen's and I wanted to let you know I am praying for Isaiah too. I am also an Rn and foster-to-adopt mom. You are all in my prayers.