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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life after the transplant...

After moving back home, things were good. Isaiah's health was stable from August until October. He became sick and was admitted for an infection in his gut.

Isaiah came home at the end of November and by December, he was back in the hospital. This time he was in acute, severe rejection. It finally stopped after IV steroids and an IV treatment called Thymoglobulin. We were able to return home in late December.

April 2008-hospitalized again-air in the gut and then an abdominal abcess.

July 2008-hospitalized again-bleeding ulcers. He vomited 1000ml of frank blood and then fainted. Lots of fun going to the emergency room.

Setember 2008-hospitalized again-acute rejection. This time, the rejection did not stop after IV steroids and he had developed antibodies to the other treatment. The transplant team decided that a treatment called Infliximab could hopefully stop the rejection. Thankfully it worked and we got him back home just before Halloween.

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