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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still better (I think)...

Isaiah is in great spirits and still trying to get up and walking around. His gut has not awakened yet and that could be a problem. We'll give it more time...

I am trying to get better at telling people what happened to our boy in surgery and about the need for a second transplant. The statistics just don't look very good, but I'm telling you-this boy is going to be fine. I just know that. But, it doesn't stop me from being sensitive about telling people.

I am missing him so much today. He was very happy on the phone when I spoke with him earlier. He is homesick, but happy to have Dad there with him. Isaiah is usually like the energizer bunny. He has ADHD. He talks, moves and thinks like the wind. He does have the ability to drive me to insanity (he loves it when I say that, it makes him laugh), but it wouldn't be Isaiah if he weren't going 100 miles per hour in every direction. All afterburner, no rudder.

Every day is one day closer to getting him back home where he belongs. I think he will be OK to go back to first grade, but he will not be able to attend day care after school anymore. That's going to put a crimp in the old work schedule...Aaron works evenings and I work days/evenings/whatever. That's the life of a per diem RN. Flexible, but not always predictable. Love my job, though.

So, the problem solving begins. We have a lot of things to figure out, but I am confident that God will show me the way to go. The doors will just open to show me the way.


  1. I am Karen Bevis' cousin and have an adopted daughter. My heart goes out to you in this difficult time. These children of our hearts are every bit as "real" as the ones we give birth to. I will be praying.

  2. Jen - This is your cousin, Steph. I just want you to know that we all love you and we are thinking about you. You have grown into such an incredibly strong women. I look at the problems that I face in a normal day and then I think of your little boy and what you must be going through. Sending HUGS and prayers your way!! Love, Steph

  3. It's good your family is based on the foundation of Christ. I am a friend of his grandmother in Texas. I've known Isaiah since birth and I'm happy to see some of the pictures and the others are sad. My concern is his mental and physical wellfare. I pray he does well with the second transplant and I pray that you as parents will always make righteous judgements for him.