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Sunday, September 27, 2009

And just as fast - Bad News

They scoped Isaiah today to see how the bowel was doing overall. The GI doctor stated he thought it looked like the bowel was in early stages of rejection as it was red, swollen, and irritated. The biopsy won't be ready until tomorrow morning/afternoon so it's too early to tell at the moment.

Coupled with his slow recovery, low platelet counts, pneumonia, and being yellow and this all spells trouble for out little boy. He has been awake a few times today and even smiled for Russ and Heather. Keep the prayers coming and I will try to get up to date information out as it becomes available.


  1. I am so sorry! Praying hard for that sweet little guy (and his sweet parents)!

  2. We are still sending our love and prayers your way and will continue to do so!

    Caitlin and Brandon Walter

  3. Loving and Praying for you from home....

    The McCoys....

  4. Still lifting you all up like crazy!

  5. We love you all so much and still keeping each and everyone of you in our prayers and thoughts, throughout the day.
    Jeff, Deneil, & Taylor

  6. Sending prayers from across the PICU...

    Tiffany and Meme

  7. Hy heart is breaking. But I am praying.

  8. Isaiah and family, we all are praying for you to get through this. Jennifer and Aaron and girls keep being strong and have faith through these times. May God bless you. Love from everyone at SHES.
    Love you all, Ms. Kim