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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update for today...

Isaiah received a unit of blood last night which brought his hemoglobin up nicely. Then he started bleeding with renewed vigor today. He was scoped this afternoon and moved to PICU. He has bleeding ulcers. I am trying to imagine where ulcers are forming, since he doesn't really have any intestine left at all. This puts Isaiah as a status one on the transplant lists, which will hopefully move things a little faster for him.

Isaiah can't come home for at least a week...

Updates as they occur...


  1. We are here for at least 1 week. Each time they have to give him a unit of it moves things back 1 week. So, unless labs are bad we should be back on Tuesday. Ulcers are in the lining of the stomach right across from where the tube is. They started him on a new to help with the acid in the stomach. Hopefully it will help!

  2. More love and prayers from our family to yours!

  3. Still doing well. His labs seem to have stabilized for now. Unless a donor is available this weekend, we should be coming home around Tuesday.