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Sunday, September 20, 2009

No pics, More surgery

Well, Isaiah was having some up and down temps the last few days and his white blood count kept creeping up - so he just got finished with surgery again. The opened the incision again to wash the area and clear any infection. He also received 2 new central lines just to make sure they were not infected either.

He'll be hurting for the next few days, but overall the recovery is going OK. Since he doesn't have an immune system, it's important for them to control any hint of infection. Dr. Grant is awesome!


  1. Keeping Isaiah in our prayers, what a brave little boy.

  2. Love you Isaiah! All the babies say hi and are praying! Thanks for the updates dad!

  3. Isaiah,
    We love you and hope today is a much better day for you. You're our hero little man. Keep giving them heck! We love you so much.
    Dee-Dee and crew!!!

  4. dear Isaiah,
    I miss you very very much. hope you feel better soon.we are praying for you, except when my mom forgets.
    love Emily Shields

  5. Hey Isaiah,

    you are such a brave little soldier! I'm so proud of you. God is in charge, you'll be up and running very soon! Looking forward to see your pictures again when u are able to go out and play!

    Sending u hugs from far far away,