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Monday, September 28, 2009

Tough 3 Days

Isaiah is set to be scoped on Wednesday for another biopsy and to confirm/deny that rejection has set in. We have basically come to the realization this is going to be a tough three days as we won't receive any news about the biopsy until at least Thursday afternoon. They have continued to treat the kidney's and are trying to get him to void more fluid from his body. His blood sugars spiked to 400 last night in response to the steroids. It just seems like every time we try to take care of one problem, the treatment causes another. But we've been through this before and Isaiah is still waking up a few times a day. The nurses were pretty impressed as the sedation medication he is on should keep him knocked out. But as we all know, he's a fighter. Sorry there are no pictures, but having to post pictures of him on the ventilator doesn't do him justice.


  1. you are in my prayers, love to you all x

  2. Words are pretty meaningless right now. So, just know we love you all and thru the day you're in our prayers.
    Love you all much,

  3. Love & HUGS TO YOU ALL! standing beside you as you lift up our boy!

  4. I'll definitely do a card if I can, if not, know that you all are in my prayers, if you want a break you can head up to #6231 and we can chat.