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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is Jen's friend Jen updating her blog. That's what you get for giving me your password!

Isaiah has been matched with donor organs early this afternoon.

He will be receiveing a small bowel, liver & pancreas transplant starting at 11:30pm CST.

Surgery was suppose to be at 5pm then 8pm and has been pushed back.

This surgery will most likely take until noon tomorrow. This is a very risky surgery. Please keep this family, the surgeons & nurses in your prayers!

One of us will be updating this blog often! We all believe that God put this little guy on earth so that when he is older, he will spread the good news Jesus, his adoption and how JESUS HEALED HIM through 2 transplants!



  1. Wow, so excited and humbled to see what God is doing for Isaiah tonight! We are praying!!!

  2. Ok - It's 0600 and we're still in surgery. We know the liver and pancreas have both been placed and they're working on the small bowel. Everything we've been told is things are going along. We took some pictures prior to surgery we hope to get posted soon, but it's been a very long night as jen and I have been up the whole time. Then it's time to get some breakfast and keep plugging. More as available.

  3. Thanks for the update, AJ. I continue to pray for him!

  4. Continuing my prayer! Hopefully everyone can get some rest soon to prepare for healing!

  5. we are praying for Isaiah, the docotors, the nurses, and family.. may God bless you all!!

  6. Surgery was completed at 0800hrs. Isaiah seemd to come out of anesthesia OK, but his new incision hasn't stopped bleeding and they believe there may be bleeding/contusion under the new liver. He is going back into surgery now. Please continue to pray as we haven't been able to start recovery yet . . .