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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Medical Technology

Well, we had a new dressing put on today. It's a pretty cool application of a basic principle. I'm moving today's picture down a bit as it may/may not be graphic for some. Basically, Isaiah has been producing a lot of drainage with the regular dressing kits. So, wound care came in today and placed a "sponge" into/over the wound area. The sponge is then covered in an air tight dressing and is hooked up to a suction pump. The way it works keeps Isaiah's body dry, the dressing clean, and all the drainage is moved away from the body. Instead of having to be cleaned 2-3x's a day, he now only has to have this dressing changed once every other day. Better for him and the nurses.

His stoma and output looks really good. He has been off the morphine based pain killers for about 2 days now, so he's coming along well. Just gotta get him out of the bed and walking down the hallway.


  1. Go, Isaiah!! Looks just like Chris' tummy a few months back! That wound vac is AWESOME. It's cool when the nurse comes because you can see how much it heals in only a few days!! Travis is dying to talk to you. We'll keep trying 'til we get you! Love you, dude!!

  2. Just a quick reminder to the Johnson's that we love you guys (each and every one of you)!! Thinking of you alot today and wanted Jen, to know how much we all missed her at her Bible Study. Tell Ike, he's on our hearts and we can't wait to give him a big, fat hug.(Yes, probably a kiss too)! Love you little "man"
    Love, Ms. Dee-Dee & clan