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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 4 - On the road to recovery

Sorry to hijack my wife's thread, but this is Dad.

More tests, more visitors, more recovery. It has been a slow road this time. Having been through 3 different surgeries of this type, Isaiah hasn't been up walking too much this time. We can normally see a big jump from Day 1 to Day 7, but we are on Day 4 and he is just now wanting to get out of the chair. It's normally just to get back into bed, but at least he is up. He is very tired but today marks the first day the medication hasn't made him feel like groundhogs day. He knows who is in his room, and he knows what the nurses are doing to him. We had both central line dressing changes and incision cleaning today and let's say he was not happy. It was a struggle with Jennifer and I just to do one dressing change.

God has really blessed him with a high pain tolerance as well as an awesome prayer and support system. We really appreciate everything everyone has done for our son.


  1. Mr.Isaiah,
    We love you so much little man. You've been on each and every one of our hearts and in all of our prayers. You know that you are our hero, don't you.

  2. Look sleepy but good....

    Baby steps in the right direction :0)

    Trina and Jophie

  3. We are a little family in Arkansas that has been following and praying for months. My kiddos (4 1/2 & 6) are SO EXCITED that Isaiah finally got his "new parts"! They (and us parents, too) are praying for him at least twice a day... on their own accord!

  4. Thanks for the update! Keep hijacking and keeping us updated! Give a hug to our boy!

  5. You guys don't know us, but we're up on 6th floor - my daughter Emerson had her 2nd transplant in April. She's 3 & received her two "gifts" back to back - less than 12 months apart (liver, bowel, pancreas first & liver, bowel, pancreas, kidneys second). We've been here a year and a half & have seen Isaiah riding his IV pole around the hospital halls many times :) We have several mutual friends here & I've followed along on Isaiah's journey through them. What a strong boy he is!! I was so excited to hear he got his second transplant & have been silently cheering him on up here! Please know you all are on my mind constantly. Positive thoughts, good vibes, & prayers from 6218! We hope to see Isaiah up here running around again soon!!!
    Erika & Emerson

  6. My prayers continue for your family! That little guy is one tough cookie!

  7. Thank you for the updates! Prayers are being sent your way--every day! :0)