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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Results are in . . .

And we're NEGATIVE for rejection!  Thank the Lord!  His kidneys are working overtime and he is very anxious to be getting those tubes out of his areas.  The vent will be taken out tomorrow morning, but we're not sure about the catheter.  They want to make sure things are working full-time.  So very good news for today.

We also received many letters and a picture today in the mail!  I can't tell you how happy he was to see all the mail and hear how everyone was pulling for him.  Thank you all!


  1. Thank you Jesus!! Mr. Isaiah, no excuses it's time to get you home. We miss you and will be in prayer for you little man.
    Love you much,
    Deneil and Crew

  2. Yeah! Thank God! I was waiting to hear this! I hope you can all get a little rest!

  3. That's great news, I don't know if Isaiah remembers me, but I've seen him a few times! Great boy, I hope he liked the stuffed animal :)

    If there's anything I can do to help just let me know.

    So glad to hear this! hang in there little guy!

  5. Praise God for all his blessings!!!!! Such wonderful news to our ears!!!!

    Love you all!